If you are interested in visiting South Africa you have taken a step in the right direction. We believe that South Africa is one of the world’s premier travel destinations and that you will not be disappointed in your choice to visit this vibrant country. Now, in no particular order of importance, here is the information you are here for:


  South Africa offers a unique mix of culture, wildlife, and beautiful landscape

Despite being the most modern African country, South Africa still offers many of the attractions that draw people to Africa. It is infused with vibrant culture and has the wild African bush at its back door. This is important to understanding why South Africa is such a special place. It has a rare mix of modern development, African culture, outdoor attractions, and untamed wildlife that you will find nowhere else in the world.


  Kruger National Park is one of the best places in the world for viewing African wildlife

Kruger National Park, located in northeast South Africa, is one of the oldest established game reserve in Africa and provides you with the rare opportunity to immerse yourself in the bushveld with the lion, elephant, and all the other animals, birds, and reptiles for which Africa is famous. Kruger covers nearly 8,000 square miles and boasts an incredible array of species (147 types of mammals, 507 types of birds, 114 different reptiles, 336 species of trees, 34 kinds of amphibians, and 49 types of fish) that are sure to leave you in awe.


My first time in Kruger I encountered a full-grown male elephant that did not like my car. He reared his head, trumpeted loudly, and made an impressive spectacle intended to plant fear in my car’s heart. Needless to say, my car did not care, but its driver was fully impressed. In Kruger every moment is an adventure. I laughed out loud watching baby Baboons wrestle each other. I felt the hairs on my nick rise when I turned a corner where a large Spotted Hyena loped past my car, fearlessly staring me in the eyes. Of course, who can forget the giraffe? I marveled at just how strange this animal really is as it munched leaves from a tree next to my car.


Despite the phenomenal wildlife one of my favorite things about Kruger are the sunsets. Until you have watched the sun slowly descend in the Western sky, with the sounds of Africa in the air, you have missed out on one of life’s great moments.


  The beaches in South Africa are some of the best in the world

Beaches are one of South Africa’s big highlights. Camps Bay and Clifton beaches in Cape Town are white sand beaches located at the base of Table Mountain, Lions Head, and the Twelve Apostles. These posh beaches with aquamarine water, where trendy cafes, open-air restaurants, and oversized mansions line the streets behind the beach, are favorite hangouts for the Capetonians during the hot summer months. Outside of Cape Town, Durban, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, and other major coastal cities also offer beautiful beaches perfect for relaxing.


Outside the cities, many of the beaches are remote and exquisite. My favorite South African beach, called Coffee Bay, is one such place. Located in the Wild Coast, you can sit with locals on the grassy slopes overlooking the Indian Ocean and watch as sets of deep blue waves break on the beaches below. The locals here live in traditional huts without modern amenities like electricity and running water. They will guide you along the coast to see the rocky shore, secluded beaches, lagoons, and many secret spots including a cave where Nelson Mandela and the ANC hid a massive weapons stockpile during Apartheid.


  South Africa has a great climate

In general South Africa is a very sunny country, with many areas experiencing over 300 sunny days per year. The Western Cape, where Cape Town is located, has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The interior of the country is generally temperate and the northeast region, where Johannesburg and Kruger National Park are located, has sun-drenched, hazy summers. This northeast region, much of which is subtropical, has mild winters with chilly mornings and warm afternoons. This is actually the best time of year for viewing game since the animals love these temperatures.


As you can see, South Africa really does have a warm, inviting climate, even during the winter months. Also, because South Africa is located in the southern hemisphere, its seasons are opposite to what they are here in the U.S. This means that our autumn and winter months are the perfect time for basking in South Africa’s warm, summer sun.

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