Malaysia is a friendly, beautiful, culturally rich country and one that’s extremely good value for money to travel in. It’s modern enough to be comfortable yet full of natural beauty to be mesmerized.


  Culture and Art:

The mix of cultural influences in Malaysia is the result of centuries of immigration and trade with the outside world, particularly with Arab nations, China, and India, however each culture remained largely intact; that is, none have truly been homogenized. Traditional temples and churches exist side by side with mosques.


  Special activities:

Malaysia also offers some very special activities, and if you make room for one or two of them, they will enhance your trip immeasurably. You can choose to spelunk in the world’s largest single cave chamber in Sarawak’s extraordinary Gunung Mulu National Park, or a diving trip in the tropical waters off both Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo where you can find some of the world’s best scuba diving sites. A visit to the rain forest of Malaysia should be high on the list for anyone who has an affinity for nature, and it should be: the Malaysian rain forest is unique in the world, and the oldest on the planet.



Malaysia is a fabulous place to enjoy the art of eating and drinking. Malaysian Food is a multicultural fusion of Malay, Indians, Chinese and a bit of Peranakan, and this create a unique food that’s not only colorful, spicy and eclectic, but also downright tasty.


Come enjoy Malaysia with your love one, you can really see, feel, touch, smell and taste the hidden treasures of Mal

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