Few countries in the world offer as many choices to the world traveller as Canada. Whether it’s skiing, hiking, farmers’ markets, urban exploring, museum-combing or sampling exceptional cuisine, Canada has it all. Western Canada is renowned for its stunningly beautiful countryside, while Eastern Canada mixes the charm of Europe with the bustle of New York. International surveys frequently rank Canada as the “best country in the world to live in” – Canada is also one of the top ten tourist destinations in the world.

Some 20 million visitors came to Canada in 2007 to make Canada one of the world’s top 10 most popular tourist destination countries.


  High Quality of Life – Comfortable

             Safe, secure, peaceful, orderly and clean

             World-class infrastructure – telecommunications, transportation, healthcare, education, financial systems, food production

             Some of the highest incomes, educational levels and life expectancies in the world

             Stable economic and social climate – tolerant, open and democratic

             Strong industrial and technology base

             Abundant natural resources – energy, water, minerals, land, forests, variety of climates

             Low population density – 3 people per sq km

  Spectacular Natural Beauty – Well-Preserved Environment

           Vast forests, mountains, three oceans, thousands of rivers, over 2 million lakes, vast fields

           Sustainable development with protection of the environment – air, water, land, wildlife and people

           Location of several UNESCO-protected sites – plus 39 National Parks

           10% of Canada’s surface is protected by some 3,000 national sites with an environmental conservation purpose

           Diverse climates, southern areas have four distinct seasons – Western coastal climates are frost-free

  Diverse and Sophisticated Cities – From Cosmopolitan to Historic

           Some of our largest cities (Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria) are frequently ranked amongst the “best”

              cities in the world – to visit and/or to live in

           Toronto has been called “the most cosmopolitan place in the world”

           Montreal has the largest concentration of French-speaking people outside of France

           Quebec City was founded in the 1600’s and is a UNESCO-protected site


  Rich Cultural and Linguistic Diversity – Interesting and Friendly People

           Two official languages – English and French with almost 7 million people who have French as their mother tongue

           Every ethnic group of the world is represented in Canada

           Visitors are delighted by genuinely friendly and helpful people